OneSimCard Direct and Assist Apps

Are you using an Android or an iPhone with OneSimCard SIM? If the answer is yes, then you should be also using the OneSimCard Direct App ( Androids and jail-broken iPhones) or the OneSimCard Assist app that is available for all iPhones. Why?


The app makes international calling and the use of the OneSimCard SIM much easier. Do you know that more than 50% of calls made by international travelers are not dialed correctly? Callers forget to dial country codes, international prefixes and to adjust numbers properly when calling within the country of their stay. There are so many ways to dial incorrectly when making an international cell phone call. Both apps take care of most of mis-dialed calls. They will automatically correct most of your dialing errors and make your experience with the OneSimCard service so much better. The OneSimCard Direct App will also remove the callback for you ( Android OS versions below 5), so you will not need to answer the ring-back when you are making an outgoing call. This will make your dialing experience with OneSimCard the same as with any other phone service, just it will cost less. The app will also allow you to:

  • Check the balance on your SIM
  • Turn the Voice Mail On/Off
  • Check if you have Voice Messages
  • Listen to Voice Mail
  • Top up your SIM using the credit card on file
  • Forward calls from OneSimCard phone to any other phone
  • Turn free incoming Viber and OneSimCard Connect app On/Off
  • Activate SMS Discount Package where available
  • Check SMS Discount Package – Active or Not
  • Activate Voice Discount Package where available
  • Check Voice Discount Package – Active or Not
  • Buy Discount Data Packages where available
  • Check Discount Data Package Remaining Balance
  • Call 24/7 Global Concierge Service
  • Call OneSimCard Support

The app also has quick lookup Country Code reference information in case it is unable to guess where you are trying to call to and correct the mis-dialed call.

The app has a dialer screen that you should use when making an outgoing call. It allows easy access to your phone address book. This should be your only dialing app when you travel with OneSimCard SIM.

The app also will auto-correct mis-dialed numbers for user attempting to make an international call but not using OneSimCard SIM.

Why there are two apps – OneSimCard Direct and OneSimCard Assist? There are some restrictions of the Apple iOS that do not allow utilizing all features of OneSimCard Direct and we had to come up with OneSimCard Assist app for iPhones that are not jail-broken. Both apps will do the same things, but Direct is a bit easier to use.

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