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Lifehacker (Australia)


Lifehacker (Australia), November 21, 2016

Ask LH: Which Travel SIM Card Should I Buy?

"For our money, one of the best options you can purchase in Australia is OneSimCard. This works in most countries including all European nations. The card includes both an Australian and a European phone number and is compatible with 4G speeds, where available. It also allows you to receive free incoming calls and SMS text messages."


- Staff writer

Travel Talk Magazine


Travel Talk Magazine (Australia), September 6, 2016

"How do travellers avoid the post-holiday bill shock blues? By taking control of their mobile data before they take off. [OneSimCard] can put the decision about how much money they are going to spend on roaming data in their hands. "


- Staff writer

The Boston Globe


The Boston Globe, April 12, 2014

Tips for using your cellphone abroad

"OneSimCard sell SIM cards that work in about 200 countries. A big benefit: You keep the same card, and the same cellphone number, as you travel from one country to the next. OneSimCard excels if you’ll be receiving more incoming calls, and it offers highly competitive rates for outgoing calls."


- Kari Bodnarchuk


PC Magazine, September 26, 2012

OneSimCard International SIM Review & Rating
Editor Rating: 4 stars, "Excellent"

Free incoming calls nearly everywhere. Lots of calling options. Flexible Web-based account management.

"OneSimCard is a terrific tool for people who are traveling abroad and who expect to be receiving a lot of calls. Pop the card into your phone and you'll get much lower rates than you would just roaming with your carrier. OneSimCard's major strength is its free incoming calls in 150 countries. You should definitely consider OneSimCard if you're doing a multi-country journey, especially if you're a big talker. We rated OneSimCard 4 [out of 5] stars and strongly recommend it."


- Sascha Segan, Lead Mobile Analyst

New York Times


The New York Times, September 23, 2012

Frugal Traveler: How to Avoid a Smartphone’s Bite

"As many people have learned the hard way, calling and texting while abroad can bring painful bills. What you should do: If your phone is “unlocked,” meaning you can use other providers, get an international SIM card. I tested OneSimCard's Standard card this summer. Web browsing was surprisingly affordable in many places. Prices have dropped recently, to as little as 25 cents a megabyte with OneSimCard’s Daily Data Package. Most of the time, you can travel from one country to another and your phone is unfazed, simply switching from one local company to another. You load your phone with credits and set your account to reload automatically. [They] have excellent American-based customer service."


- Seth Kugel

The Washington Post


The Washington Post, May 8, 2011

Travelers, phone home — it's so SIMple

"The global SIM card is like a satellite in your pocket, granting [cell phone] service in nearly every country on the map. I made and accepted numerous calls...with the casualness of sitting at Starbucks on Connecticut Avenue. And I received one of the biggest surprises of my trip when my phone unexpectedly rang in Mongolia. I answered it and heard an earful about the day’s events at home."


- Andrea Sachs, Travel Staff Writer

Inc Magazine


Inc Magazine, September 27, 2013

6 Tech Must-Haves for International Business Trips
Everything you need to keep pace with business while you're overseas.

"There's one thing you can and should always prepare for in advance: how you're going to get work done, especially on an overseas trip.

2. Get an international SIM card. I tried [OneSimCard] in an HTC One smartphone that was already unlocked. Rates vary by country and incoming calls are often free but outgoing calls run between 25 cents and 69 cents per minute. (Some U.S. carriers charge up to $4 per minute overseas.) OneSimCard [also] provides an app that lets you make Internet calls."


- John Brandon

Toronto Star


The Toronto Star &, August 2, 2011

How to beat international roaming charges

"When I travel, I read/write emails and text messages, access news articles, post to Facebook and upload a travel blog daily from my smartphone. I was very pleased when Toronto Star columnist Ellen Roseman forwarded a press release to me from OneSimCard. I’m relieved that I can keep on typing without any nasty surprises on my next Rogers bill."


- Sheryl Smolkin

New York Times


The New York Times, August 7, 2011

Practical Traveler: How to Beat the High Costs of Dialing Abroad

"The cheapest way to make calls while abroad is to use a prepaid SIM card. Travelers who want the security of having a SIM card before they land can buy one at, whose prepaid SIM cards offer rates lower than most American carriers."


- Michelle Higgins

Chicago Tribune

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine


The Chicago Tribune, February 3, 2012

Spending: Phone home and save
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, February 2012 Issue
Your Guide to Bargain Travel in 2012
"Use your cellphone outside the U.S. and you're asking for an eye-popping bill. If you're traveling to multiple countries, consider an international SIM card [from] [where] you can buy international SIM cards as well as purchase and rent phones. With a SIM card, you'll pay lower rates than through your carrier and can prepay for minutes and even data -- so you'll know how much you're spending in advance."


Lisa Gerstner, Staff Writer & Susannah Snider, Reporter

American Forces Network Radio


American Forces Network Radio - OnTravel, June 27, 2011

One SIM Card Wherever You Travel

"OneSimCard provides a SIM card that you can easily use in most countries and since you buy it in the US it’s easy to top up. Rates are great and you can’t help but save money over taking your US carrier’s phone overseas and paying big bucks."


- Paul Lasley

San Diego Daily Transcript


The San Diego Daily Transcript, April 13, 2011

Reducing Your Travel Bills: Saving Money On Global Calling

"I travel four or five times a year to Asia and Europe. OneSimCard provides a single SIM card that works in nearly every country in the world. The rates are very reasonable to call from international locations to the U.S. or anywhere else in the world. In most countries you don't pay for incoming calls. On a typical trip, one hour of calls will save me $100."


- Phil Baker

The New York Times


The New York Times, February 16, 2011

Staying Connected Overseas (Cheaply)

"I use OneSimCard... and I have used it for years in dozens of countries."


- David H. Freedman

Time CNN, September 13, 2010

10 Ways to Stay Connected While on the Road

"A way around the sticker shock of high overseas phone bills."


- Jonathan Tucker

The New York Times


The New York Times, February 18, 2009

Frugal Traveler: Calling Home For Even Less

"It's a great idea...carry when you travel."


- Matt Gross

The Boston Globe


The Boston Globe, February 1, 2009

Gearing Up Review: What A Calling Card

"OneSimCard offers significantly reduced rates [overseas]."


- Kari Bodnarchuk

Hattiesburg American


The Hattiesburg American, February 6, 2012

Technology makes for easier traveling

"One of the biggest dilemmas I faced when preparing for this trip was what type of phone to bring along. After two years of research, I purchased an unlocked iPhone, and set up an account through I chose a telephone number that would be my international number for life. The rates were good - approximately 40 cents a minute for outgoing calls. Beautiful."


- Robert St. John, December 15, 2010

20 Great Gifts for the Traveller on Your List

"Swapping out the SIM card in your phone can lead to big savings."


- Elizabeth Rogers

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