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81. How To Use Questions
    • Can I disable per MB/Pay-As-You-Go data usage for DataMax SIM cards

      Yes you can. On your online account, in the "My SIM cards" menu, you will see a section labeled "Select SIM Card." In that section there is a line labeled "Use w/o Plan." If you do not want to use data on a per MB/Pay-As-You-Go basis, and only consume data with a data plan, set this to "Off."
82. How To Use Questions
    • Do I need to change any settings on my phone when going abroad?

      Not Really. If you are planning to use Mobile Data, you will need to enable Data Roaming on your phone. Everything else in modern phones get done automatically. However, you should ensure that the APN on the device is correctly updated when the SIM card or eSIM card is enabled.
83. Ordering Questions
    • How many times can I install an eSIM, and can it be installed on different devices?

      For DataMax eSIM after the initial installation, the eSIM can be reinstalled up to 3 times. The eSIM can also be installed in another device, so long at it was uninstalled in the original device first. In no circumstances can the eSIM be installed more than 4 times (the initial installation plus 3 subsequent installations).
      For eSIM World purchased after Jan 1st, 2024, after the initial installation, the eSIM can be reinstalled up to 9 times. This eSIM can NOT be installed in any other device. This eSIM can only be reinstalled in the original device. In no circumstances can the eSIM be installed more than 10 times (the initial installation plus 9 subsequent installations).
      For eSIM Asiania this eSIM can only be installed 1 time. It cannot be reinstalled after the initial installation.
      In no circumstances can the eSIM be installed more than 4 times (the initial installation plus 3 subsequent installations).
84. How To Use Questions
    • How to activate and set up the mobile¬†data¬†service on your mobile device or tablet?

      1. Log in to your account at using the email address and password you entered during the activation or registration of the SIM.
      2. To enable¬†data, go to your My SIM Cards menu, select your SIM card, scroll down to Internet¬†Data¬†and click ‚ÄėEnable‚Äô.
      2a. For DataMax SIM cards, you can disable Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)/Per MB data on your online account in the "My SIM Cards" menu. You will see " in the "Select SIM Card" section an area labeled "Use w/o Plan:" to disable per MB data use, this should be turned off. It is recommended to use data plans whenever/wherever available.
      3. Turn on Data Roaming on your phone.
      This is all that is needed for mobile data to work.

85. eSIM
    • Can I install my OneSimCard eSIM more than once?

      You can re-install the eSIM on the same phone up to 10 times.  eSIM can be installed only on one device. Once installed, it's not possible move that eSIM to another device. If you need to install eSIM on another phone, please order a new eSIM. Balance and PEN(s) from the old eSIM can be moved to a new eSIM at your request.
86. eSIM
    • How do I install my eSIM?

      Before purchasing, please ensure you have verified that your device is unlocked and one of the supported devices. Installation is completed by using your phone to scan the QR code of the purchased eSIM.  You may scan the QR code by displaying it on the computer screen, another device, or a printed copy.

      If you’ve already purchased OneSimCard eSIM, you can see full installation instructions and access your QR code from the Recharge menu in your online account. Make sure eSIM is selected in the Select SIM Card drop down menu.

      If you have not purchased your eSIM yet, learn more about international eSIM here.

87. eSIM
    • How does eSIM works?

      eSIM is not a physical SIM. It is a piece of software downloaded to a compatible phone. So there is no shipping involved with delivering eSIM.

      eSIM makes your iPhone or Pixel phone to be a dual SIM phone. This means that you can use two sim cards on the phone at the same time. You can select which SIM card is used for calls and texts, and which one is used for data. You can select which sim card is to be the primary and which one not to be used. You can make these changes from the settings of your phone at any time. In short - eSIM offers greater flexibility to your eSIM compatible phone. It allows you to use the service provider of your choice - whether you are traveling or staying home.

      OneSimCard eSIM can be installed only on a single device. It can't be moved to another device, but it can be re-installed on the original device up to 10 times if required.
88. How To Use Questions
    • How do I check my OneSimCard balance?

      For Universal, Expedition, & eSIM World ONLY: Just dial 099 "Send" from your OneSimCard phone and in few minutes the balance will be displayed on the screen of your phone. Customers with iPhones can use OneSimCard Assist app to check balances and many other things.

      You can always check your current balance by logging onto your OneSimCard account at

89. Rates and Cost Questions
    • Is there a monthly or 30-day credit card spending limit for OneSimCard service?

      Yes. To reduce fraud and to protect you from over-spending, there is 30-day credit card spending limit set for each individual account. You will only be able to charge up to a certain amount during any 30-day period. You can see your current limit by logging in to your OneSimCard account and going to the Purchase History menu. There, you will find a Credit Card Authorization form available for download. If you would like to increase your monthly credit card spending limit, please download the Authorization form and submit it back to OneSimCard as instructed on the form.

      We strongly suggest that you set your monthly credit card limit before going overseas as dealing with the form on the road can be much more difficult. 

90. How To Use Questions
    • How do I know if USA, Canada or UK Mobile PEN I order is capable of receiving SMS?

      To see if your PEN is capable of receiving SMS, please log in to your on-line account at In the Recharge Menu next to the PEN you will see if it is SMS capable or not. You can also see there if this PEN could be used for VOIP or not.

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