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Physical 3-in-1 DataMax SIM card


~29.60 AUD
Limited Time
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  • 3-in-1 SIM size - Mini, Micro and Nano Sizes
  • Effortless installation & uncomplicated to use
  • $5 credit for calling using SIM VOIP or using data without data plans
  • Free 30 day USA or Canada PEN for SIM VOIP calling and texting
  • Make your compatible unlocked device a dual SIM phone
  • Works with unlocked GSM and LTE phones, tablets and other devices
  • Coverage in 200+ countries
  • Add Personal Extra Numbers (PENs) in 60+ other countries for use with OneSim VoIP
  • Mobile data service from $0.003/MB
  • Low-Cost Voice and Text available with OneSIM VoIP app
  • Daily/Bi-Weekly/Monthly data discount plans
  • Perfect for travelers worldwide
  • Live Customer Support
  • Worldwide Shipping options available
  • *Free shipping to the U.S. on orders over $50
  • *Free shipping to Canada on orders over $100
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What Is The OneSimCard DataMax International SIM Card?

The Physical 3-in-1 DataMax SIM card is our lowest-cost prepaid cell phone service for those traveling around the world. OneSimCard DataMax global SIM card is a small chip (triple cut for Mini/Micro/Nano form factors) which, when inserted into an unlocked mobile device, enables the phone with international mobile service.

The OneSimCard DataMax SIM card is designed specifically for international travelers who:

  1. Want inexpensive international cell phone service;
  2. Want our lowest cost data options with Voice and SMS capability powered by our simple-to-use, cost-effective OneSim VoIP app
  3. Already have an unlocked mobile device

Here's how it works: The OneSimCard DataMax global SIM card comes pre-programmed with access to low-cost data access in over 200 countries and territories. In addition to data access, you will be offered a free 30 day US or Canada number (PEN - Personal Extra Numbers) when you activate the SIM. This PEN is used with our OneSim VoIP app for calling and SMS services. You can keep your U.S., Canadian or other phone numbers by forwarding them to your PEN.

If you do not already own an unlocked device, you should consider purchasing an international cell phone bundle from OneSimCard.

To learn more about the differences between international SIM cards, visit our  FAQ section.

What Customers Say

We consistently strive to offer our international SIM card customers the best possible experience. This includes providing friendly customer support, fast product shipping, improving our products and services, decreasing the cost of mobile services, and affordable pricing. But don't take our word for it, here are some real, verified reviews that our past customers have left about OneSimCard.com

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