Should Fleet Managers Care about Network Redundancy?

When Fleet Managers search for vehicle tracking they are usually looking for reliable services which are easy to use and provide all the necessary reporting. They also want all this at a competitive price. But, one important component of reliable service which often goes un-discussed is the connectivity provider and their precise coverage zones and signal strengths.

As most Fleet Managers are working directly with vehicle tracking companies who bundle the tracking hardware, software and connectivity service, they usually are not offered a choice of their connectivity service provider. This is a mistake. Fleet Managers need to know which company is providing their connectivity to ensure they have the best possible coverage for their fleet, with the main issue here being network redundancy.

Most vehicle tracking companies have contracts with only one major carrier and exclusively offer that carrier’s coverage nationwide. But, as we all know, some carriers are weaker in certain areas while others are stronger. The only real way to ensure that your fleet is receiving the best possible signal at any given location is to choose a service provider which has multiple contracts with the major carriers and is always providing the strongest signal available at any given time. This is why utilizing multiple networks or network redundancy is key.

OneSimCard M2M specializes in providing high quality low cost M2M services with flexible agreement terms. They also offer multiple networks in the US, Canada and around the world. For example, in the US coverage is available with AT&T, T-Mobile and soon Verizon. In Canada, devices will stay connected anywhere where Bell, Telus or Rogers coverage is available. OneSimCard M2M always provides the strongest signal available to your fleet at any given time and location.

Fleet managers should certainly care about network redundancy and need to utilize a connectivity provider like OneSimCard M2M in order to ensure the best possible service and coverage.

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