Manage Unlimited SIM Cards Under One Web Account

Scalable, Simple, Safe & Secure

OneSimCard Corporate User Interface

OneSimCard's custom Corporate Account system makes it easy for companies to manage the M2M SIM cards. It's not enough to save on communications - management has to be simple.

OneSimCard M2M Account Features

Manage Individual or Groups of Users Under One Corporate Account:

  • Activate SIM Cards
  • View/Change SIM card balances
  • Set SIM card funding options and limits
  • Suspend/Un-Suspend any SIM card
  • Assign administrators to specific groups of SIM cards
  • Assign various user rights to accounts administrators.

Filters: View only the SIMs with the selected parameter

  • SIM cards with Data Package to be activated when the traffic starts moving
  • SIM cards with data packages scheduled to get activated later
  • SIM with the balance below X
  • SIM cards with the data usage over the last X DAYS above Y MB
  • SIM Cards with the $ spending – Top X % in 30 days
  • SIM cards that reached monthly additions limit
  • SIM cards 10% below monthly additions limit

Automatic SIM Funding Options:

  • Set up SIM cards to Auto Recharge from main M2M Account balance

One Main Corporate Balance:

  • Move funds from one SIM to another
  • Purchase additional SIM cards
  • Add funds to existing SIM cards

Records Management:

  • View and download sales receipts and purchase history
  • View and download usage records

Various Funding Options:

  • Instant deposit with a credit card
  • Corporate checks
  • Bank wire or ACH
  • Postpaid billing available for large accounts

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